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Mental aptitude hinges (in part) on well functioning biology. As complex living systems, our daily routines are pivotal when it comes to optimizing expressions of our genetic potential. If you find this information empowering, and would like to contribute to Dr. Herbert's efforts, you can. "A rising tide lifts all boats".

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Elevate Your Potential

These links have been selected based on years of study, and Dr. Herbert's first hand experience. All are backed by peer reviewed science, illumining vital habits for a thriving humanity

-Cornerstone Criteria-

Reclaiming robust genetic expression:

solid, research-backed diet insights many have missed out on

Nutrient Density: Mental Health

TEDx: resolving common mental health issues with micronutrient suplementation, for good?

Dietary Masterpiece: Dr. Cate Shanahan

Click HERE for more...

On Regularly "Fasting":

Giving Yourself a Break

Mounting evidence for the necessity of daily/weekly 'fasts'

Soil/Gut Diversity: Physical & Mental Health

Playing dirty, the healthy way:

 vitality = biodiverse soil & gut

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