Extraordinary, research-based cognitive performance breakthroughs: beyond simply working harder

Dramatically boosting grade potential & realize that this is just the beginning

Taking Tutoring to New Heights

Founded by Jesse Herbert PhD in 2018. Based on more than a decade of prior teaching and tutoring employment.

* A specialty SAT/ACT mathematics tutoring service that understands human learners.  

* Exceptional service with an experienced professional in one-on-one sessions.

* Emphasizing powerful learning strategies.

* Tailored to the individual.

* Deepening skills for dramatic success and lifelong excellence.

* Cognitive optimization via research-based science: maximizing performance across disciplines. 

A balanced, holistic, systems-based approach is what brought Dr. Herbert extraordinary success in a storybook high school/undergraduate/graduate career  (see “Background” page). His is a true underdog-to-champion scholastic history. The methods he utilizes launched his performance as a nationwide scholar with highest honors. His solid-state physics doctoral degree was earned from the University of California at Davis, based on collaborative work carried out at a leading national security lab. Throughout, securing highly competitive grants and merit based scholarships which resulted in the funding of both his and his wife's education (in full), something that remains a rare accomplishment. 

Forget the "all work and no play", self-punishing approaches all too common in our modern era. A results-oriented, quality-of-life-enhancing, extraordinary tutoring service is what is on offer.  Prepare to  soar.

Service Region & Clientele

Tutoring Outside the Box

Doctor Herbert's in-person SAT/ACT Tutoring Service covers the tri-state region of NY/VT/MA, schedule permitting.
A limited number of discounted, online-based (one-on-one) tutoring appointments are also available, depending on loaner-tablet status (this option is nationwide, first-come-first-served, and currently OPEN if you are reading this).

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"(Dr. Herbert) is the best professor I have ever seen. Always smiley, friendly, comes with innovative ideas, not only inspirational but also giving positive feedback. No matter if you ask him a thousand questions, he answers very enthusiastically and always says thank you whenever you ask him questions. I think this is the best quality. Best Professor."

"My favorite thing about professor Herbert is that he designates a certain amount of time at the beginning of every lesson to answer students' questions, regardless of how many there are, or how long it will take. He also shares some of his opinions about science and well being that I found quite interesting, and that I think the class benefited from"

"Dr. Herbert takes all input from students into consideration. He wants his students to succeed, and is attentive to their needs. He is willing to go above and beyond to provide any extra help, I wish more professors were as dedicated as Dr. Herbert. You will not be handed an A in this class, but if you show up and do the homework, you will do well."

(independent online reviews of Dr. Herbert from former students at HVCC/RPI  See

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Bennington, VT 05201, USA

Bennington, VT 05201, USA

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